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Reasons to be cheerful

Another week? No, seriously, it can’t be Friday already can it? Time is galloping at the moment. Before you know it Santa will be popping his big self down the chimney and leaving sopping wet footprints on my nice clean carpet. (Although with the Indian summer we’re now there’s always a chance he might be in a bikini which would not be a pretty sight.) In the meantime here’s my reasons for being cheerful this week.

Parenting Around The Planet. I’ve had such wonderful feedback about my new guest post series from non-UK based bloggers. Totally feeling da lurve (if not the comments yet). If you haven’t read C is for Capetown’s moving perspective on , take a look. It certainly made me stop and think.

Indian Summer. O.M.G. How gorgeous has it been the last couple of days? As I write this the sun is just peering through the mist and it’s already HOT in our kitchen. Long may it continue (although I am rather itching to get into those new jodhpur boots in the cupboard, so not too long eh?).

Grandparents. Nana and Grandpa come to stay overnight this week and the look of joy on DD’s face as she took Nana by the hand and led her to the playroom is enough to put a smile on this Mummy’s face. China, you were fun, but the UK’s where it’s at. Pho real.

Got reasons to be cheerful this week? Pop ’em down and link up over at the lovely Mich’s .

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  1. Oh no! It was gorgeous yesterday, 29 degrees. Guess those boots are gonna have to wait a while…

  2. The weather has just been amazing! Lovely reasons x

  3.  I have given you an award to post on your blog. You can pick it up on my blog 😀 Hope you like it!

    Regards, Mari

  4. Thank you Bod! It was good fun to contribute and I’m looking forward to reading about more int. parents!

  5. I think Scotland has missed the Indian summer. It’s pouring with rain up here! 

  6. Thanks Sadie, I’m really excited about these guest posts too 😀

  7. You’re on! Have a wonderful one yourself Mrs 😀

  8. Thanks Mrs and you’re right that look is priceless 😀

  9. Isn’t it just?

  10. Santa in a bikini, that made me laugh, though if the weather were to continue, could we forget that X is not far off and save our money 😉
    How magical a child and her grandparent.
    It sounds very interesting too, having international bloggers posting and being able to read about their lives x

  11. i didn’t know about the parenting around the planet-please tweet me when you put those posts up, will be fascinating reads….jealous of new jodphur boots, and mami and papi being there is the BEST for kids isn’t it???!

    really glad to have caught up, see you soon,

    tams xxx

    ps have a FAB weekend xx

  12. Lovely reasons, fab weather now its reached us and there’s nothing like the look of a child’s face when they see their Grandparents xx

  13. Lovely happy post and yes the sun is just fabulous


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