Monday, 11 June 2012

New to the UK or planning to visit? Read this...

When I lived in China for three years I struggled at the beginning to find my feet. I had LOTS of important questions. Where should I go to buy Marmite? for example. You see my dilemma. So as an ex-ex-pat I was really excited when I read Rachel's article over at This Mid 30s Life's a little while ago about her new venture with her friend Ginny - Mums Away UK.

Mums Away UK is a new website specifically for families moving to the UK or planning a trip to the UK. Their mission is to make your relocation, or holiday, as stress-free as possible. There's advice on getting organised before you leave and they've researched (and experienced!) how to get your family settled. For example, there's information on how to find a doctor, where to find a playgroup and the school system. Time for some family fun? There's a whole section on that too. 

I wish I'd had a resource like this when I left home for a new country - well done Rachel and Ginny!

P.S. They're also on Twitter () and Facebook () so pop over and say hello.

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You are a star, I'm so impressed!  THANK YOU.  We really hope that those who need this information find our site when they need it.  So a big thanks for that post.  XX