Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Bumplog: Fav pregnancy purchases

So today I'm 17 weeks pregnant. Last time around with DD we were living in Shanghai so my maternity kit was somewhat limited by what would fit me - I am not (and frankly I will never be) the size of a typical Shanghai gal. How do they even give birth sans hips? It's nothing short of miraculous.  Anyhoo, this time around I'm overwhelmed with the plethora of purchases available to the bumpy lady and I've been diving in with both feet (errr.. perhaps that's just a jump...). So here, in no particular order, is my round up of my favourite pregnancy bits and pieces so far.

Emma Jane Maternity/Nursing Bra
As much as I love how my underwear looks, when boobs grow this quickly it's all about comfort. I started off with good 'ol M&S but I've just recently bought one of these from Emma Jane. A maternity/nursing bra with removable pads that give you great shape just like a t-shirt bra. I LOVE it. Super comfy, if a little big around the back at the moment, with nice wide straps. I can forget I'm wearing it and that's perfect. I bought mine from Jo Jo Maman Bebe for £16.

Long sleeve striped top
This is my fav top purchase so far and has been perfect in the cooler weather we've been having. The fabric is ruched at the side which is very flattering and it's available in lots of other colours too. I went with the navy/white stripe as I'm loving the nautical look at the moment. A true maternity staple and good value at £18 from Mamas And Papas.

Cropped maternity jeans
If Summer ever arrives I will be LIVING in these. Super comfy, not too short and a good colour. There's loads of room to grow as you can synch in the sides with adjustable buttonhole elastic. Brilliant buy at £29 from Jo Jo Maman Bebe.

Carriwell Maternity Support Band
When I was carrying DD I had terrible backache in the third trimester and I can already feel it coming on again some days, so I decided that this would be a good investment. It's designed to take the pressure off your back and lower abs. It's super clingy so it doesn't really show under clothes (unless you're wearing something shear or very thin) and I can see already that it's going to be a staple underwear piece towards the end. £11 from Jo Jo Maman Bebe.

Maternity Chinos
I tend to live in jeans a lot of the time so these were a welcome Spring addition to my wardrobe. They're snug in the right places and very comfy but I'll be growing out of them soon as I got a small size to wear at the beginning of this pregnancy and also after Peanut is born. £30 from Next.co.uk.

Pacapod Phoenix *swoon*
Pacapod Portland *drool*
Looking forward I'm already fantasizing about a new changing bag. I'm intrigued by the Papapod system with it's changing and feeding pods and at the moment the two I'm loving the most are the Phoenix in chocolate leather and Portland in Conker. At £200 and £120 respectively they're not cheap but with a toddler and baby in tow I expect to be carrying most of the house around with me so a bigger bag that's going to wear well and, just as importantly, that I love will be a sound investment methinks. At least that's how I'm justifying it to OH at the moment.

What are your favourite maternity purchases? Do you tend to stick with one or two brands that you know and love or do you shop around? Do you own a Pacapod changing bag? Which one do you have? Do you like the pod system? Let me know in the comments!


  1. jane @ northernmum12 June 2012 08:09

    I miss maternity clothes.....

    1. 13 June 2012 08:22

      I'd forgotten how comfortable they were until I gave in and started wearing them! :D

  • 12 June 2012 10:59

    I couldn't live without my bump band - it made such a difference to the heavy weight I was carrying. I also bought a pacapod - I treated myself  - I got the Portland and found it very useful and roomy!  

  • 12 June 2012 13:13

    Glad to hear the band worked for you and that you liked the Pacapod - now, which one to buy.... :-)

  • Mummy Plum12 June 2012 14:04

    I'm 16 weeks this week and so far, I've been stretching existing tops and living in my one pair of maternity jeans from last time.  I've had my eye on those jojo cropped denims..so think I might take the plunge based on your feedback!

    Can't help with the baby bag I'm afraid. Last time I ended up buying 3 different ones.. and in the end actually the best one turned out to be a Cath Kidston saddle bag which wasn't actually a nappy bag at all!

  • 12 June 2012 14:19

    Oh we're very close in weeks aren't we? Hello bump mate *waves*! Yes I'd definitely recommend the cropped denims, I love them :D

  • Louise Lloyd12 June 2012 14:32

    Hello! You post has made me smile so much I am literally shouting at my wardrobe today with the fact no clothes are fitting me! I squeezed into a pair of leggings this morning that have hurt all day - now off to hunt out these clothes you are recommending!! Lovely to meet someone so close in dates, also 17 weeks this week! XXX 

  • MidlifeSinglemum13 June 2012 07:49

    My favourite maturnity pieces were two tops that bought the day after the IVF embryo transfer. I didn't even know if I was pregnant yet but I decided that the only way was to think positive. It worked!

  • 13 June 2012 08:20

    He he I often find myself shouting at my wardrobe too! Much better now I've accepted that I need to be in proper maternity gear *waves to bumpmate*.

  • 13 June 2012 08:39

    I was so superstitious with DD's implantation that I didn't buy a single thing until we got a positive blood test! Don't really have any favs from last time, I was so bored of them after wearing them so much :D

  • The Fool14 June 2012 20:45

    Wifey bought the Pacapod Phoenix before we went to NZ and as a practical item it really is very good and now with 2 we're still able to go out with one bag. Quality seems good and really useful having pods as you can just take one of them to the changing room etc rather than whole bag.

  • 15 June 2012 06:26

    Ooo very excited by this comment - someone who actually owns a Pacapod! Yep, you've pretty much sold me on the Phoenix right there. Thanks!

  • 26 April 2013 10:55

    Pacapods rock! I have two in my possession. One I bought (Logan) and then one I got sent to review (Mirano). Both amazing bags! They are sooooo practical and stylish. Just go for it...you need a pacapod in your life x