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Ok, so this is where I tell you a bit about me - Michelle - the face behind Bod for tea, what makes me tick and how you can contact me.

I'm a freelance writer and stay-at-home Mummy with a hard working husband (OH). Back in 2008 I had a successful career in Internet Marketing but we decided to leave behind everything we knew and loved in the UK and packed up our life into a few boxes for a three year adventure in China.

I started blogging there in 2010 as part of my following the and of our first child, Curly Girl. We arrived back in the UK in the summer of 2011 and love every minute of our ex-expat life. Now the adventure continues with our miracle baby, Little Man, who was conceived au natural and born in November 2012.

Bod for tea is my random musings on life and all things family. I'm a type-A certified control freak so alongside writing endless lists you'll probably find me muttering about life with two kids under five, trying to get fit, cooking a bit, learning Spanish, reviewing stuff and generally spouting forth.

Oh, and I absolutely love comments.

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