This post is my experience of fertility treatment in China. It's not meant to be witty or funny, just an honest account of what we went through. I'm posting it here in the hope it will help other couples who are pregnantly challenged, show them that they are not alone and give them some options to explore for their own fertility treatment.

After our fertility treatment in China came the traumatic birth of our little girl - finally documented almost five years later.
 - my body stops supporting our baby
 - when the epidural didn't work
 - how I struggled through post natal depression
Coming soon - What doesn't kill us makes us stronger (linky)


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Sometimes it throws you two. We've had three. At least.
1. We needed fertility treatment to conceive our first child
2. Curly Girl was born prematurely at 36 weeks.
3. By some strange miracle we managed to conceive naturally and get pregnant again!
My records our journey from 3 to 4.

One of the things I love about blogging is knowing that I'm not alone in the the trials and tribulations of mummyhood. So I realised there must be other Mummy and Daddy bloggers out there who had the same goal as me; for Curly Girl to eat as much as she wants of what we're eating as a family, but to at least eat some of it. Perhaps we could support each other? And so the  was born.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget that there are other perspectives out there. I wanted to hear those perspectives. To read them, learn from them, laugh (and cry) along with them. To celebrate our differences and our similarities. So I've hosted some occasional guest posts from Mummy and Daddy bloggers who live outside the UK, bringing you their take on parenting in their corner of the world.