Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bumplog: using my lady lumps again

Before Curly Girl was born I was convinced that I'd be a veritable Earth Mother and that all things motherhood including breastfeeding would come easily to me. How diluded was I? I blame the hormones. Fact is that breastfeeding didn't come naturally to us at all. Perhaps it was because Curly Girl was premature and oh-so-tiny, perhaps her stomach wasn't developed enough to digest much milk in each sitting, perhaps I was too stressed-up-to-the-eyeballs and sleep deprived with feeds every two hours around the clock to relax properly. Who knows. Whatever the reason we struggled. Lots. With no health visitor system in China we eventually employed an expat retired UK health visitor to come and watch us feeding and give me advise. Thankfully she didn't stop there and after the first aborted feed she manhandled the two of us into a properly latched position. I can't thank her enough for the invaluable support she gave us in those early days. We went on to continue breastfeeding successfully and finally weaned Curly Girl at sixteen months.

But in a cruel twist of mother nature's fate I've forgotten (or more likely blocked out) a lot of those early, difficult times and now feel like I'm almost back to square one. I definitely want to breastfeed peanut and so with plenty of time until he comes along in November (or there abouts) I've decided to do some proper preparation this time around. So it was fortuitous that I read the excellent Six Ways To Prepare For Breastfeeding from Adele over at Circus Queen and I immediately ordered her recommended reading - 'The Food Of Love' by Kate Evans. Now I expected to smile or perhaps chuckle a bit thanks to Adele and others' reviews but I wasn't prepared to snort my decaf coffee down my nose at six o'clock in the morning. Not pleasant but hellishly funny.

'The Food Of Love' is not all mirth (although the cartoons of feeding positions are side-splittingly good, and familiar for a second time mum!) and so far I've bookmarked a number of pages of advice and guidance that I want to read again when the time comes. It's also causing me to flip-flop between approaches - from Gina Ford's routines (veritable cocaine to a type A certified list maker like me) to burning my bra and going with the flow, quite literally. We'll probably end up with a combination of the two, with lots of advice from my lovely Mummy friends thrown in for good measure, but for now it's enough to know that I'm arming myself with some knowledge for this second breastfeeding adventure.



  1. 26 April 2013 10:55

    This time you'll know it's a tricky thing (which no-one EVER says, so thankyou!) and you'll be more confident. Sam fed to 2.5yrs, but only because the excellent people at the John Radcliffe BF Clinic did so much work to help me realise that too much milk is just as bad as too little.

    I also had a lovely older nurse, who showed me a couple of less approved holds, and they worked amazingly well for me and the lad. Lying down, and what she called the rugby ball hold.

    Hope you're enjoying Britmums. JEALOUS! lol!

  2. 26 April 2013 10:55

    Rugby ball was a life saver for us! And well done you for 2.5 years, amazing. Britmums 2013 then?

  3. Louise Lloyd26 April 2013 10:55

    Oh I might have to check out that book. I really struggled in the very first few days of bf B Lloyd, my nipples really cracked and bled lots and it was all to do with positioning (and I think because my milk didn't come in until day 5) so I am not expecting an easy ride to start with. Its so easy to forget though isn't it?

  4. 26 April 2013 10:55

    It's brilliant and very funny. Funny how we forget those early days! I'll be on the phone to you trying to figure it all out again!