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Parenting Around The Planet – Texas

Parenting Around The Planet – Texas

Welcome back to week nine of my series on parenting perspectives around the world. Last week  shared her views on parenting activism and two completely different ‘stroller brigades’. This week we have another post from the USA, this time what it means to be a Texas football Mum.

And that’s American football, by the way, the one with spangly cheerleaders and more shoulder padding on the boys than the girls. Not to be confused with English football, or soccer, with spangly footballers wives and padding worn in an entirely different place altogether. Enjoy.

Denise Keene has been a Special Ed teacher for 15 years and likes to write articles about various related topics. She is the mother of two great boys; a junior high football star and a fourth grader who loves to read…just like his mama! She also owns the site Masters In Special Education.


What it means to be a Texas football mom

There are two things a mother living in the great state of Texas takes very seriously; managing her household and local high school football games…especially if your son is on the team. There are some essential features that make up a Texas football mom, and unlike soccer moms, Texas football moms aren’t shy about yelling at the ref from the sidelines; even if it does embarrass our children (I tried to keep quiet, but really, that was a horrible call). Below are the five things that make a Texas football mom the greatest thing since sliced bread.

We make the best chilli…quite possibly the best in the world: There is a recipe that only Texas football moms know, and we are sworn to secrecy. The recipe is very simple; just add a pinch of love and a dash of spunk. Truthfully, it is probably the best in the world, because we are serving it to very hungry, growing boys who will eat anything. Seriously though, you must become an expert at chilli making if you are to be a good football mom.

We know how to get grass stains out…the first time: This takes some learning and a few phone calls to senior football moms, but once you know the right way to get out the grass stains, you become a master at it. Not that I enjoy laundering football uniforms, but I am proud of my grass stain removal skills.

We like to make our own designer fan attire: I never thought that I would become the lady who bedazzled her clothes, but I am the proud owner of a Bedazzler. For those of you who don’t live in the United States, I have posted a picture of this amazing tool below. In addition to creating our own attire, we are also the best team banner makers and face painters this side of the Mississippi.

We love to help one another: Life can get crazy, as most Texas football moms also work a full-time job in addition to managing the household. We football moms lean on one another for support and help. If one mom has to stay late at work, there is always another mom available to give her child a ride to and from practice. There are some moms who even tote more than one teammate around. We also carpool from game to game; helping each other save gas money and creating time to bond as mothers.

We are good sports: Every now and then a bad sport will crop up in the bunch, but for the most part, we support other’s children as much as we support our own. We even support other teams as much as we support our own. After all, we know this thing called football is just a game at the end of the day. I may rant and rave in the stands, but when the game is over, I don’t hold a grudge or make rude comments about the other team. I have found that most parents have the same respect I do for others. We know it is best for our children and teaches them how to be mature, thoughtful adults.


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  1. would be … I need an editor today!

  2. Love the custom bedazzling!  Especially love the good sport detail — if everyone listened to their mothers on this one the world would a better place, wouldn’t it?


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