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Please don’t complain

Please don’t complain

…about your swollen ankles and your aching back

…about the sleepless nights and indigestion

…about your growing belly not fitting into your clothes

…about having to do pelvic floor exercises (your bladder will let go whenever you cough or sneeze regardless of how many you do, necessitating that you wear protection everyday like some sort of geriatric gangsta, trust me)

…about not being able to decide which baby name goes best with the one you’ve already got

…about your midwife/health visitor/doctor

…about wanting this or that baby accessory but not being able to get it in the right shade of azure to go with your freshly painted nursery

…about being told you’re having a boy/girl when you really wanted a girl/boy

…about the birthing pool being closed for maintenance on your due date (do you really think it will happen on exactly that day?)

…about not being able to eat your favourite foods while you’re piling that cream cake into your mouth

Please just be totally, utterly overjoyed that you’re pregnant and spare a thought for those who, despite all their best efforts, thousands of pounds, tears of frustration, anger and finally resignation, are not.


  1. Such a wonderful post, it really makes you stop and think. Being pregnant is a joy, and a privelige and we should celebrate that. Big hugs xx

  2. Thanks my dear x

  3. We should all live by H. Stanley Judd’s words but it’s so hard sometimes. xxoo

  4. sending hugs honey x

  5. Thanks Emma. Just a combination of complaints I’ve had said to me and overheard too… had to let the mini rant out!

  6. :(  Sometimes people really don’t think do they?  Hope you are OK… 



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