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Posted by on Jul 27, 2011 in Life | 2 comments

Dear So and So…

Dear Bin Men,

Thanks muchly for emptying our bins every week, love your work and everything, but any chance you could put the bins back in the general vicinity of where you found them?

Already have enough to do without adding another job to the list.

Dear Spiders,

Yes, we’re home. Sorry to spoil your party, we will try not to squish you, but if you could limit your webs just a little it would be helpful. While we’re at it, anyone ever mentioned birth control to you? Oh, and word to the wise, you can’t run away from a hoover in full flow.

Greenwich Craftsmans mug.

Reclaiming house from critters.

Dear Denby,

Thank you for making such awesome mugs. It’s a small thing, but it made me smile this week when they arrived.

Satisfied customer.

Dear lorry driver on the A509 yesterday,

Yes, I know that you have a huge lorry that takes ages to stop and ages to go again, and that slowing down is inconvenient, but seriously, did you have to drive up my backside for thirty minutes? Having nothing but a grill in the rear view mirror is a little disconcerting.

Back off.

Dear first cup of coffee in the morning,

Love you xxx

Early riser.


Do you have any Dear So and So… letters this week? Link ‘em up over at the lovely Kat’s .

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  • bod for tea

    Denby mugs are just gorgeous! I particularly love the lines of the Craftsman’s mug…

  • Mari Sterling Wilbur

    I love your comment to the spiders about birth control. Wish they would consider same here. Also love the Denby mug – must go take a look at their site. The mug is a classic in great taste!