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Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Life | 1 comment

Dear So and So…

Dear busybodies

Seriously, can you mind your own damn business? DD will not die if she doesn’t have fifteen layers of clothes on. And to the woman who stopped me on the street to tell me DD wasn’t wearing a hat, I know that, funnily enough I am her mother. It’s not that frigging cold! Why do you think that you have the right to tell me what to do? I am more than capable of looking after my own daughter.

Yours annoyed
Capable expat mother


Dear busybodies

Very sorry about that rant. I’m not usually so rude. I do respect our cultural differences, really I do. And I do like living here. Some days it just gets to me being here so far away from home and today was one of those days. Also we’ve been building up to something and it’s about to happen, not an excuse I know, but hopefully you’ll understand.

Yours apologetically
Ashamed expat mother


Dear tadpoles

Go! Go! Go! You’ve been given the best shot at it thanks to the wonders of modern medicine and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that you’ll get it together with Ms Egg this time and give DD a little brother or sister.

Yours hopefully
IUI Mummy


Dear DD

Thank you for being so wonderful today at the hospital. It was super boring for you waiting for Mummy and Daddy to do their thing and you missed your lunch and you were late for your nap and it was SO hot. Sorry, sorry,sorry.

Lying down Mummy


Dear Tots 100

Wow! I made it into March chart at 307! Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Yours so chuffed I can hardly speak
Mummy @ Bod for tea

TOTS 100 - UK Parent Blogs

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  • NewMumOnline

    So glad to see another Dear So and So, as they were a bit thin on the ground this week. Yesterday I listened to this at my friend’s house because we had a “country” afternoon.

    Listen to the words, it’ll make you laugh given your first letter.

    Oh and if You Tube doesn’t work in China, the song is “The Harper Valley PTA”.
    I am going to blog about it today xxxx

    P.S. I hope the hospital went well x