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Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in Travel | 6 comments

Top 5 Mummy Buys

When DD was little (well, littler) I would buy anything faintly baby related if I thought it would make my life easier. I was a marketeers dream, and IKEA liked me quite a lot too as I had to buy more storage to shove all the new useless gubbins into. Now that DD is a princely (or is that princessly?) 18 months old, and I have (almost) recovered from the madness that is NewMummyhood, I feel I can share my absolute favourite, cannot-do-without-on-a-daily-basis Mummy/toddler items. However, there is still a little bit of me that thinks there are bound to be more must-have products out there, so I’ve added a Linky thingy for all you lovely lot to share yours too. So here’s my top 5 faves, in no particular order. (Note: this is NOT a sponsored post. I’ve added in the links in case you’d like to find out more about my fav Mummy products. Just thought I’d point that out.)

1. The Ergo baby carrier - my absolute favourite carrier/sling. So comfy, even now DD’s 10kg or so, it’s suitable from birth and has a small snap-on bag that’s big enough for a phone, keys etc. I used to breastfeed DD in it when she was younger and she sleeps pretty well in it too thanks to a hood that pulls up over her head to support it. Absolutely essential for travelling. Mine’s an Original in Camel. 

2. Skip Hop changing mat - if we’re going out, this goes with us. Wipe clean baby mat with space for 3 nappies, baby wipes and cream, and a padded bit for little one’s head. All parcels up and hooks onto pram. Brilliant.

3. Ikea Antilop high chair – we’ve got two high chairs. A pretty, comfy one with lots of nooks and crannies that food can get trapped in and this one which you can practically hose down in the shower should the need arise. Guess which one gets used and which is gathering dust?

4. Maclaren XT pushchair – there are far more fashionable pushchairs out there, but this one is basic, light, easy to fold up and comfy to push. Job done.

5. Sudocrem - these little pots of white goo have magical powers and soothe everything from nappy rash to cuts and bruises. And they seem to last forever!

Right over to you – I’ve got my finger poised over the ‘add to basket’ button in anticipation…

Photo credit: Shopping cart on hand by Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot at

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  1. Oh no! Not more work…. I’m so far behind with my posts and now another one to join in with. I’ll put it in the diary.

    Great list btw x

  2. Hey no pressure to join, hun. And it will be open for a week so no rush…

  3. What a great idea for a blog hop. I am busy writing my post now, will be back to link up.

  4. Hey thanks Jennie! See you later on…

  5. Ooo Toddler Taming sounds like the book for me! *wanders off to Amazon*


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