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Posted by on May 17, 2014 in Uncategorized | 14 comments

I’m deep, soft and warm – how about you?

I’m deep, soft and warm – how about you?

My earliest memories are from the days when we lived in London in a small house somewhere between Lancaster Gate and Marble Arch.

I remember my room with no windows except a skylight that opened and closed with a rope, tied in a figure of eight way above my head. All the furniture made by my Father, bespoke and perfectly fitting me. Stairs from the front door reaching up to the heavens, steep enough to break your neck on. A cavernous garage that housed my Dad’s workshop and piles of wood and the smell of wood shavings that tickled my nose. My very own mini vice and set of tools so that I could be a craftsman too.

Our house was just a hop, skip and a jump from John Lewis’ flagship store on Oxford Street, my second home. I could quite easily have been born in the haberdashery department, it was (and still is) such a favourite haunt of my Mother. I’m pretty sure my first words were ‘double damask’.

John Lewis is celebrating it’s 150th year in 2014. I don’t find it at all surprising that they’ve been around for that long. Some brands just get it right. John Lewis is one of them.

Quality products, exceptional customer service, never knowingly undersold, staff are effectively partners and get a share of the profits. It works. Why aren’t all companies run like this?

The eagle eyed amongst you *ahem* probably spotted that I’m a John Lewis fan. Yep, through and through. And I’m super excited that this week I’ve been working with the personal stylist team in their Cambridge store on my outfit for the June BritMums Live! conference at The Brewery in London.

And I need some help. Since Christmas I’ve lost over 20lb and I’m finally back to my pre-baby weight *punches the air*. Great right? Except that when I look in my wardrobe I see lots of clothes that are now too big. Hey, I’m not complaining, it’s a great problem to have, but I still need something to wear to The Brewery that will be comfortable, stylish and make me feel great.

So this week I met with the lovely Dorothy and Dolly for a Style Profile session and an Express Outfit session. What better way to prepare for my weekend in London than by knowing which colours and outfits will suit me best on the day? In the first of two posts about my experience here’s what happened at my Style Profile session…

My personal sytlist for the day, Dorothy, meets me at reception and immediately makes me feel welcome. There are two style rooms at the Cambridge store so my session is completely private. After a chat about I’m hoping to get out of the session (some clue about why I don’t seem to wear half the clothes in my wardrobe please!) she moves a chair in front of a long mirror and asks me to sit down before draping a white cloth over my clothes. This is my neutral background onto which she will be laying colours to determine their effect on my skin, she tells me. The colours are outlined on a palette and match a number of different fabric swatches laid out on the glass table to my right. Dorothy lays each swatch in turn over the white cloth and looks at me appraisingly. She’s so friendly, I feel like I’ve know her for ages already and forget how strange it feels to be scrutinised.

We cover the spectrum of colours through from deep to light, soft to bright and warm to cool. She herself is bright and cool, she tells me. Which am I? I wonder. It soon becomes clear.

Some of the colours cast a glow on my face that makes me look healthy and well, almost like I’ve been on holiday. Others make me look sallow and washed out. Orange is my friend. Pink is most definitely not.

Over the course of my session Dorothy determines that I’m deep, soft and warm. My look is ‘rich and burnished’. Mmm…I like this. The palette of colours that suits me best ranges from deep shades to medium pastels but all the colours are muted, autumnal shades that have a yellow undertone – think browns, rusts, oranges and especially teal. Which is a surprise as I’ve never worn teal and wouldn’t have thought of wearing it. She also tells me that I should avoid wearing colours that are either too bright or light pastel and those that have a blue undertone – so that discounts pinks, greys and light blues.

Armed with my new colours I sit sipping ice-cold water while she asks me a few questions about my lifestyle and style preferences. Then it’s back in front of the mirror again and she asks me to hold a stick and a ribbon. As Coco Chanel famously said “fashion is architecture: it’s a matter of proportions” and using the stick and ribbon Dorothy uses a fun and simple method (that doesn’t rely on my hight or size measurements) to determine mine – I’m long legged, long waisted and a traditional hour glass shape. I’m also quite angular in my frame. All these things will determine which styles and clothes will make the best of my figure.

At the end of our consultation Dorothy gives me a handy booklet to take away that outlines my style and colour profile and includes a handy set of swatches of the colours that suit me best. It’s been such a fun session and I’m excited about the next stage – choosing my outfit for BritMums Live… of which more soon!

The 60 minute John Lewis Style Profile session costs £125 which is redeemable against purchases of £500 when it’s booked with the free one hour Style Express or the longer (but still free) two hour Style Experience session. It was a fabulous experience that I’d thoroughly recommend. Find out more and watch a video about the personal styling service at

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Disclosure: I was generously gifted my Style Profile and Style Express consultations by John Lewis Cambridge. All opinions are my own.

  • Franglaise Mummy

    I had my colours done recently and it’s been life changing! Best thing I ever did as I was wearing all the wrong colours. It sounds like you’re an autumn like me? Can’t wait to see you looking fab at Britmums!!! xx

  • bod for tea

    Wow, both Autumn, both curly, both shouty *blush* – are you sure we’re not the same person? ;) I SO can’t wait to see you at Britmums lovely – I will be seeking you out as soon as I arrive!!

  • HonestMum

    Oh wow, amazing to discover which colours suit you without your own trail and error. I am obsessed with JL here too and so glad they are building a huge one in Leeds-travelling to London and Liverpool to get my hit not ideal! You look gorgeous in the photos and well done again for the weight loss, great feeling isn’t it. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday

  • Merlinda Little

    It is! You have a fairy tale like garden! I have garden envy =) #countrykids

  • Iota Manhattan

    I’ve always wanted to do this kind of thing, but have felt too intimidated. I’ve assumed that I would sit with a glamourous stylist who would be trying to cajole me into being more adventurous, or more fashion-orientated, or more flamboyant, and I’d just feel hugely awkward and wanting to run off and find my comfy jeans and favourite blue sweater. Now I know that lovely John Lewis offers the service, it makes it feel less daunting. Like you, I’m a huge John Lewis fan.

    You look so glamourous. Somehow the name “Bod” had conjured up someone less glam in my mind.

  • bod for tea

    I know, I felt the same and the cost was prohibitive too. So glad this has made you consider having it done at John Lewis though! And thank you so much for your kind words – it’s amazing what a blow dry can do for a girl! xx

  • bod for tea

    Thanks so much lovely x A huge new JL near Leeds? Might have to pay a visit one day!

  • Franglaise Mummy

    Cannot wait to finally meet you :-) xx

  • Iota Manhattan

    Just to prove that blogging pr really works, I thought I’d tell you (and you can pass on to JL) that soon after reading this post, I left a comment on another blog recommending the JL service – and other people agreed with my recommendation. (You can see it here

  • bod for tea

    You’re so right – I’ve done this too. Recommendation is seriously powerful and the clever brands are waking up to this. I’ve just popped over and written a short book in the comments section myself!! xx

  • Adele Jarrett-Kerr

    I’ve always wanted to have my colours done. I really must. I am so confused about what works on me and I’d be unsurprised if I’m getting it wrong half the time. It looks like you had a great experience.

  • bod for tea

    Yes, me too. So glad I did it, I realise now that colour has such an impact on how you look and feel x

  • Circusmum

    Lovely post, I really love the way you conjured up the image of your childhood memories. I’m also a huge JL fan, from an early age.
    Think I may have to treat myself to one of these sessions, I have a rainbow collection of colours in my wardrobe, so it would be nice to know which ones are actually no-go’s!

  • bod for tea

    Thanks Tinuke. You SO should treat yourself – I guess their flagship store would be closest for you? Would love to see how you get on :)