Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Bod for tea's books - stinky socks and multicolour vests

Ho Ho Ho! It's part two of Bod for tea's festive book review and today we're looking at two very different books that are both full of the spirit of Christmas. I say 'we' because really it's Curly Girl who's opinion counts here and she's given both of these a big thumbs up. (Nuff said.)

 by Jan Fearnley is a fabulously festive tale about how the robin came to have a red breast. It's actually a reincarnation of Little Robin Red Vest by the same author which sold over 43,000 copies. And I can see why as it's a lovely book that I really enjoyed reading with Curly Girl.

The book starts the week before Christmas and the little robin has seven vests to wear. Through his kindness his other animal friends, who are cold or poorly, borrow a vest each to stay warm - leaving him without one for himself! A certain someone in a red suit and big black boots rewards his festive spirit by giving him a very special red vest that will keep him warm forever. This would make a lovely pre-Christmas book to share with a child in the run up to the big day. The illustrations are lovely and the story is really very sweet.

Curly Girl enjoyed the Little Robin's Christmas

Our second book is  which is the latest in a series of books by Kristina Stephenson. If you're not familiar with the series, Sir Charlie Stinky Socks is a bold, brave little knight with a heart of gold. Together with his faithful cat Envelope and his good grey mare, Sir Charlie likes nothing better than adventures with colourful beasties, ghoulies and ghosties.

We already own so Curly Girl was very excited to see that another of Charlie's adventures had arrived.  In this, the sixth book in the series, Sir Charlie takes on his most fearsome quest yet as he must venture along a treacherous track, through a spooky wood and into a deep, dark cave to retrieve a mysterious black sack. Ogres and scallywags (love that word!) are lying in wait for him and he has to use all his guile and wits to complete the task.

The illustrations are just wonderful, very colourful and detailed and Curly Girl particularly loves pulling up the four giant flaps to see the story continuing underneath. It's written not in rhyme but with a rhythmic style that makes it lovely to read. A definite new favourite in our house - as you can see!

Disclaimer: We were sent one copy of each book to review and received no other compensation. All opinions are entirely our own.


We have got a copy of Little Robin's red vest that I ordered from a second hand bookseller after seeing it read on CBBC one Xmas. I love it. Such a delightful Christmas story. x

  • 12 December 2013 21:49

    It is lovely isn't it? Such a sweet tale. Hope you're well my dear and a very Happy Christmas to you and yours x

  • Kelly Rogers20 December 2013 09:25

    Wow. You have lots of useful tips in your article. It's a good thing that I have sisters since they gave me gifts for my children when they were just babies. :) And even until now, my sisters still gave my children gifts. Aren't aunts just great!

  • 31 December 2013 06:26

    Thanks Kelly and you're right Aunts are the best! :)

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