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Posted by on Jun 30, 2013 in Parenting | 4 comments

A monumental week that he won’t remember

Last week saw some monumental happenings – tennis gods fell by the wayside in the first rounds of Wimbledon, the government proposed to regulate a procedure which would see Britain creating the first ‘three parent baby’ ( and two little razor sharp teeth appeared in Little Man’s mouth.

Ok, so that third event may not have quite the same implications as the first two but in HIS world nothing will be the same again. And he’s clearly not enjoying it much either if his wailing, drooling, lack of appetite and marked reduction in sleep is anything to go by *sigh*.

Of course two little teeth on the same gum aren’t much use for chewing, although he’s having a good go at anything that appears within a couple of inches of his gnashers including, in not particular order; my hair, scarves, necklaces, toys, blankets, muslins, various bottle parts, spoons and sometimes even food.
It was a little concerning that when he woke up from one of his naps on Thursday there was a little circle of what looked like diluted blood on his sheet but I assume this was from his teeth as he seemed totally fine. Of course, this being our second, rather than our first, baby I know that the trials and tribulations of teething are nothing to panic about and just one of many stages that Little Man will pass through in his road to toddlerhood. But while watching him madly gumming a Bickipeg today I got to thinking about how it’s actually rather fortunate that we don’t remember much about these early months of our lives. Just imagine how awful if would be if we could remember…

Our first poo – Eeeek!!! What the hell is this coming out of me?! Where did it come from?! And why does is smell like THAT!!! Muuuuuum!

Exactly what our parents said to us – hellooooo my gorgeous ickle pumpmky-wumpkin! What shall we have for your dinnery-winnery today then?

First teeth – Ooooowwww! Something hurts in my mouth! Let me stick my fingers in there and see what it is… OOWWWW! That hurts even more!! And who turned on the tap with all this drool?? Muuuuummmm!

Sibling rivalry – oh hello big sister, hang on I’m sitting here, I’M SITTING HERE, MMMRRRPPHHH…Muuuummmm!

Our first foods – mashed banana, avocado and spinach, yuuumm.

What events from your babyhood are you glad you can’t remember? 

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  • Ben

    Teething is just plain horrid isn’t it? You’d have thought we’d have evolved by now not to have so much pain just for growing teeth.
    I’m thankful I can’t remember being born :)

  • bod for tea

    Doh! *slaps forehead* How did I miss that one?! You’re right though, being born would be SO scary.

  • Alison Pike

    I’m glad I can’t remember the first time my nails were cut, or my hair.
    ‘You are going to cut stuff off me? with those?’

    Great post!

  • bod for tea

    He he, I never thought about nail cutting – those huge scissors and such small nails! :D