Sunday, 26 August 2012

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bumplog: Early morning thoughts

I drink half a glass or orange juice to lubricate my parched throat and Peanut joyfully bounces around, revelling in the sugar rush. There's no such jolt of energy for me this early in the morning and I wonder whether he's taking more than his fair share.

OH has just left for work and it's not quite 6am. This morning I can't seem to settle back to sleep. Thanks to Peanut's acrobatics and some corresponding lower tummy cramps I'm physically awake but mentally still desperately clinging to the land of nod.

I struggle like a walrus to sit up and my eyes fall on two books on the floor next to the bed that seem to symbolise the focus of my life at the moment. 'The Secret Of Play' (how to raise bright, healthy and caring children from birth to age 12) and 'The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding' by the International La Leche League. I'm struck by the thought that this division of labour - parenting a three year old and a baby - that tends to fall primarily to the mother is probably precisely why we're so good at multitasking. Evolution is an amazing thing. But at the same time I see no credible reason why a pregnant brain turns almost immediately to mush - any ideas Mr Darwin? Surely it's a time when, with a preschooler and a belly the size of Wales one needs a few more brain cells, rather than a lot less. Frankly it's all I can do to struggle through until bathtime some days.

With almost seven months behind us I should expect to start slowing down I suppose. Thankfully I've had a fairly easy pregnancy so far and I'm carrying completely differently to Curly Girl - more Mr Greedy than Mr Happy - which has been more comfortable somehow. The marked lack of fertility drugs has been a blessing as they morphed me demon-like into the pregnant wife from hell (although OH might grumble that she's made a return recently).

The light creeps underneath the blinds and I can hear more cars zooming down the country roads. It's hard to think that in three months time (or so) they'll probably be another little person awake with me, so I turn my thoughts to our upcoming babymoon. Two whole weeks in Italy in a villa with a pool and family on hand to keep Curly Girl happy while I hopefully get a chance to enjoy what will, in all likelihood, be my last period of rest in quite some time. The two day drive doesn't fill me with enthusiasm but the olive oil, fresh bread and sunshine that await us make my heart do a little dance. Being the cautious type and mindful that Curly Girl decided to join us a month early, I've made a note of the nearest large hospital (about 45 mins away by car) and checked that our travel insurance covers us fully for prenatal emergencies. But hopefully none of that will be needed and we can enjoy two weeks of down-time before returning to prepare for the next chapter in our family adventures.

The two books, now on the bed next to me, vie for my attention. I settle on 'The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding' and lose myself in daydreams of a blissful birth and milky future. Until, almost a full five minutes later, Curly Girl's early wake-up calls jolt me back to reality *yawn*.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Silent Sunday

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Monday, 13 August 2012

Bumplog: Last night I had a fight with my midwife

Pregnancy does funny things to my brain. I've always had vivid dreams but the ones I have when I'm expecting are crazy real.

Take last night's for example - I was in hospital, Peanut had been born a few days before and wasn't breast feeding as well as I'd have liked. My midwife took him off me to change his nappy and proceeded to give him a bottle of formula! HUH?! Heck no! What ensued can only be described as a major rant in blue and purple spotted rage. I would not be placated by anyone in authority at the hospital and was just about the call the press and give a statement (yeah, 'cause I'm a celebrity in my dreams, aren't you?) when Curly Girl dragged me from the depths of my sleep, still furious.

Curly Girl and I had some trouble breast feeding at the beginning so I wonder if this dream was a manifestation of some deep-seated concerns about how Peanut and I will cope this time around.

Did you or do you have crazy dreams when you're pregnant? I'd love to hear them - let me know I'm not alone!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bumplog: getting organised part II

I've had a couple of posts here recently about . I'm a very organised person anyway, just a teensy bit neurotic about it if truth be told, and I hate to be caught with my pants down (so to speak). More importantly, I remember from last time how uncomfortable even simple tasks like shopping can be in the last couple of months before baby's due so I'm trying to get the big purchases done and dusted nice and early this time around.

Luckily we already have a changing table that we're moving into the nursery from Curly Girl's room and a lovely Mamas and Papas cot that we've bought second hand from a friend. But there are a few other things we needed so last week we schlepped off to IKEA and John Lewis (my two fav shops for all things home) and came home with these:

1. Blackout blind and curtains
Although Peanut is going to be in our room for the first few months I want to get the principle of sleeping in the dark started early on as I left it a bit late with Curly Girl. Black out blinds and curtains make all the difference, especially in the summer as the sun comes up at the front of our home and streams into both Curly Girl's window and the nursery-to-be. I decided against traditional baby curtains with tractors or dinosaurs and instead went with this simple spots and stripes combination so that I can add the other touches to the room in temporary wall-sticker form. This will make it easier (and cheaper!) to change later on. Thankfully good 'ol John Lewis had everything we needed including curtain poles and rings and as always the staff were SUPER helpful and patient with us, especially as Curly Girl spent the time happily removing everything from the shelves and putting it back in a completely different place *gulp*.

Finlay Stripe Curtains, John Lewis

Spin Roller Blinds, John Lewis
2. Bookcase
Peanut's nursery-to-be is quite a small box room so space is at a premium. We have one of these narrow Billy bookcases in Curly Girl's room and it's been invaluable for storing her books, keepsakes and other odds and ends in combination with these Kusiner storage boxes that fit perfectly on the shelves.
Billy bookcase, IKEA
Kusiner storage box, IKEA
3. Changing mat
We used one of these Gullinge changing mats when Curly Girl was a baby and it's great value at only £4.50. It has blow-up sides which act as padding and stop baby from rolling about too much and it's totally wipe clean - SO important. I kept Curly Girl's one so now we have one for upstairs and one for downstairs.
Gullunge baby care mat, IKEA
4. Storage
There's no getting away from it, babies have lots of stuff. I love Ikea's storage solutions because they marry form and function with great value. We'll use the Fangst hanging storage for all Peanut's soft toys, the Kusiner mesh basket for his laundry, put the Pysslingar boxes in his drawers to separate baby grows, socks and other clothes, sit the Kusiner storage baskets on the changing table to hold nappies and creams and use the APA storage box as a toy/blanket chest (I love that it's white so I can decorate it with stickers to match the room).

PS Fangst hanging storage, IKEA
Kusiner mesh storage basket, IKEA
Pysslingar boxes, IKEA

Kusiner storage basket, IKEA

APA storage box, IKEA
5. Towel
Another item that we had for Curly Girl which has washed and worn brilliantly in the last 2 years and another case of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' Great value again at £7.
Barnslig towel, IKEA

Thanks to a special offer on Huggies baby wipes at Sainsburys this week I'm fully stocked up on those, my new changing bag is already in use (yep we went with the and I absolutely LOVE it *squeeeal*) and last week our new Apple baby sling from Sa-Be Babywear arrived (much cheaper than it's alternatives at only £24.95) so all we really have left to get are Peanut's first sets of clothes, baby gros and nappies (I think). I'm going to hold off on these until we have a better idea of how big he might be (and when he might be making an appearance!).

Am I nesting already? Perhaps. Nothing's been put together or set up in the nursery yet, that can wait a little while (and frankly we need to clear the junk room study out first) but it's all sitting there waiting for us to be ready and that is tantamount to preggy peace of mind.

What did you do to prepare for your new arrival? Were you all ready in advance or did you wait a while? What were your must have items?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

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Friday, 3 August 2012

One month can feel like forever

In 24 hours a husband and father will return home after a business trip overseas. It is the longest that he, his wife and toddler have ever been apart. He will lay down his suitcase and a happy three year old will fling herself at his legs. His wife will grin with happiness and her heart will swell with the answered longing of his safe return. The month long home-made calendar with its crossed off days will be discarded. Stories will be swapped. Phone calls will be made, family ties and friendships renewed.

And once all the hellos are said, the kisses and hugs shared, the washing washed and the presents devoured, life will return to its normal routine. The sofa and remote will be reclaimed by their rightful owner and family life will go on as before, content in the knowledge that it's once again complete.

Welcome home Daddy, we've missed you SO much.

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