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The butterfly

The butterfly


On Thursday while Little Man was at nursery I ran. I ran because I needed to get out of my head for a while and just focus on the right, left, right of the road.

As I rounded a bend in the path a butterfly fluttered past and I was captured for a moment with it’s seemingly random journey. It seemed the perfect metaphor for how I’m feeling right now.

Flighty, fingers in lots of pies and so, so busy…

Working as the press officer and Twitter manager for the Tour de France for our village (you can follow me at @LeTourFelsted if you’re that way inclined) alongside my blog work, planning for Britmumslive and Curly Girl’s 5th birthday, organising the Cambridge Bloggers Coffee Club meet ups, training for the Felsted 10k to raise money for The Lullaby Trust and now working with the lovely Jo @GeekFairy to finally make the jump to self-hosting this little corner of the blogosphere I call my own *squeeal* (all thanks to this amazing article from the inspirational Vicki).

Cambridge Bloggers Coffee Club Meet up

The Cambridge Bloggers Coffee Club Meet Up this week was so much fun

LeTourFelsted Twitter page

What an amazing day THIS is going to be – proud to be part of it! @LeTourFelsted

There’s a lot going on in my world.

But then I realised that butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis into an exciting new world and that it’s hard work for a while but the reward is a rainbow of colours and ultimately freedom.

And I’m excited again.

Image credit: Monarch Butterfly by Rosemary Ratcliff courtesy of


  1. You’re so right – I do tend to thrive when I’m most busy, and procrastinate when I’m not! Thanks for commenting :)

  2. Wowee, you really do have a lot on your plate at the moment! Do you thrive on being busy? Sounds like you do! What’s that saying? If you want something doing, find a busy person. That’s very true of me and I love it…mostly….until it becomes overwhelming and then I struggle. It’s very hard to get that balance right. Keep looking towards the rewards, as you are doing. They will come :)

  3. Well done and hope it goes well for you on the day. My knees are far too dodgy for running but I try to walk whenever I can #whatsthestory

  4. Best of luck with the run, I would love to be able to run still. Enjoy

  5. What an amazing achievement and a great cause too. You’ll do brilliantly I’m sure #whatsthestory

  6. Thanks lovely! I’ll check them out x

  7. …I think you should unashamedly link at some other places too 😉 …#Whatsthestory @podcastdove
    Love your post… fantastic opportunity to say YAY GO YOU! & to support The Lullaby Trust! :-)

  8. Thanks Sis *chuckles* and good luck to you too with your upcoming run! Can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks time x

  9. Thank you so much Vicki! I can only really run once or sometimes twice a week but it really helps me to rebalance myself – talking of which I’m a yoga fan too! x

  10. Thank you Tinuke – it’s not so much a run as a run/walk but it’s not going to stop me! Good luck with your training too – we’ll have to swap tips :)

  11. Wise words lovely lady – you’re so right as well, I love to be busy :)

  12. Thanks Susanne – some mornings it’s a bit overwhelming but I’m loving it :)

  13. Love it! So much going on and you are still so full of energy and positivity!
    x x x

  14. wow, lots going on in your life at the moment! It can be easy to feel overwhelmed but it’s important to try to feel excited by all the stuff going on, things will slow down at some point and you’ll wish you were busy again!

  15. Well done and what a fab cause, I’ll be sure I sponsor you. I love that you lived in China, you are my sister from another mister lol!

  16. Love this! You really are a little butterfly, flitting between all of these exciting projects!
    So excited that you’re running, though I’m jealous that you already can run, I haven’t gone more than 500metres in one sitting in two years *gulp*

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